Mavel Global

About Us

Mavel Global Trade provides one-stop sourcing solutions for all our customer requirements. We are driven to provide our customers with cost efficient and effective global sourcing solutions. With a network of skilled professionals, and an extensive range of food and non-food products, we are an ideal partner to support companies in their global sourcing.

We are committed to the principle of "Quality Sourcing", which takes into consideration the interests of our customers and stakeholders by

  • Creation of a rewarding and enduring partnership.
  • Management of businesses with integrity and fairness.

Our Network

We are headquartered in Istanbul (Turkey), with a network of offices in Dubai, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, and Germany and are well supported by professional and skilled teams.

With a broad network of offices and qualified teams in some of the major sourcing hubs, we are able to ensure that our customers get the highest levels of Quality, Price, and Innovative products to satisfy their end customer needs and aspirations. Being present locally, we are able to provide the best sourcing solutions possible, while also ensuring confidence to our customers, in handling their entire supply chain from source to delivery.

Our Customers

Our Customer range includes Hypermarket Chains, Distributors, Airlines, Shipping and Stevedoring, Restaurants Chains, Importers etc.

Our approach to customers is built on the following four pillars.

  • Utilizing our global network for sourcing right products at the right price.
  • Consulting with customers to identify and develop products which work best for them.
  • Assisting them manage physical risk and optimize opportunities.
  • Developing new suppliers to produce products that are innovative and cost effective.
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